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Against Multiple Agreement – Evidence from Standard Arabic

Abdulkhaliq Alazzawie


The Ideology of the-Best-English-Teaching-Method in Taiwan’s Children English Language Schools
Jackie Chang


A Study on Possible Selves of Turkish Pre-Service EFL Teachers
M. Pınar Babanoğlu


The Impact of Dialogic Teaching on English Language Learners’ Speaking and Thinking Skills

Ishraga Bashir Mohammed Elhassan&

Mohammed  Idris Adam

49 -67

Using WhatsApp in EFL Instruction with Saudi Arabian University Students

Radhi Alshammari , Mitchell Parkes & Rachael Adlington


The Effect of Using Authentic Videos on Training Center and Community Service Students’ Prosodic Competence and Motivation
Ibrahim Mahmoud Bani Al-Domi


Morphological Analysis of the Glorious Qur’an: A Comparative Survey of Three Corpora

Yasser Muhammad Naguib Sabtan


The Effect of Role Play Strategy on Jordanian EFL Tenth Grade Students’Speaking Skill
Bilal Khalaf Alzboun, Oqla Mahmoud Smadi & Abdallah aniabdelrahman


English Phraseology: Cognitive, Symbolic and Terminological Aspects

(Based on Idioms with Colour Adjectives Black/White/Red) Natalya N. Zerkina , Yekaterina A. Lomakina & Natalja V. Kozhushkova

  137 -147

Exploring the Construction of Professional Selves of Non-native EFL Teachers at a Saudi Arabian University

Hussain Ahmad , Fatmawati Latada , Sayyed Rashid Shah & Muhammad Nubli Wahab

148 – 166

Integrating Local Knowledge into Language Learning: A Study on the Your Language My Culture (YLMC) Project

Radha M K Nambiar & Nurul Amalina bt Anawar


Using Habits of Mind to Develop EFL Writing Skills and Autonomy
Aly A. Koura & Faten A. Zahran

183- 198

Helping Students Master Interview Skills
Carol Ann Goff- Kfouri & Amal Saleeby-Malek


The Relationship between Competency and Work Motivation of EFL Teachers at Public Secondary Schools in Yemen
Sameer Ahmed Awadh Boset , Adelina Asmawi & Nabeel Abedalaziz

212- 228

Post-Class Reflections of English Language Lecturers Working at a Kazakhstani University

Dinara Karimova


The Significance of Teacher Leadership in TESOL: A Theoretical Perspective

Sayyed Rashid Shah


Perceiving Native English Speaking Teachers: EFL University Students’ Perspectives

Sureepong Phothongsunan


An Analysis of Algerian Manufacturing and Engineering Master’s Students’ Needs



Mind Mapping and Students’ Writing Performance
Ali Ayed Al- Zyoud , Dina Al Jamal & Abdallah Baniabdelrahman


Using Portfolio as an Alternative Assessment Tool to Enhance Thai EFL

Students’ Writing skill

Rusma Kalra, Chutamas Sundrarajun & Hathaichanok Komintarachat


The Relationship between Iraqi EFL Learners’ Vocabulary Learning Strategies Use and Their Receptive Vocabulary Size

Adil Muhammd Ameen MAHMOOD & Fadime YALCIN ARSLAN


Neutralizing the Uncanny through Culturally Relevant Teaching

Roberto Ollivier-Garza


Negotiation and Impoliteness Strategies in Saudi and Australian Postgraduate Students’ Emails

Amerah Abdullah Alsharif & Hesham Suleiman Alyousef


Creativity in the EFL Classroom: Exploring Teachers’ Knowledge and Perceptions

352- 364

Tongue Twister, Students’ Pronunciation Ability, and Learning Styles

Fatchul Mu’in , Rosyi Amrina & Rizky Amelia


Exploring EFL Teachers’ Beliefs and Practices Regarding Pronunciation Teaching in a Saudi Setting

Maram Alsofyani & Ghazi Algethami


 The Present Progressive: A Difficult Aspect to Learn, Evidence from the Moroccan EFL Classroom
Younes ZHIRI

. 401- 411

 The Word List Distribution in Social Science Research Articles

Sorawut Chanasattru & Supong Tangkiengsirisin


 Using Infographics in the Teaching of Linguistics
Arwa Bin Dahmash , Ashwag Al-Hamid & Mashael Alrajhi

 430- 443

 History of English-as-a-Second-Language Teaching in the Middle East and the Current Scenario in Bahrain

Gita Ponnuchamy


Effect of Bilingualism on the Development of Cognitive Processes among Children
Abdulaziz Alshahrani


University Teachers’ Views on English as the Medium of Instruction in an Iranian Higher Education Institution
Abbas Zare-ee & S. Yahya Hejazi

467- 485

Book Review:An Introduction to English Phonetics

Author: Richard Ogden
Reviewer: Khalid Ahmad Siddiq


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