Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume8 number 2 June  2017  Pp.1-




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Strategies for Developing English Academic Writing Skills

Joseph Mallia

Metacognition and Mobile-Assisted Vocabulary Learning

Ratnawati Mohd Asraf & Nadya Supian

 16 -35


Preparing Preparatory Year English Language Learners for ProfessionalColleges: An Evaluation of Current Placement System

Muhammad Sabboor Hussain , Khaled Besher Albesher & Aisha Farid

Motivation and Language Learning Strategies Used by MoroccanUniversity EFL Science Students: A Correlatioal Study
The Five Tier Model for Teaching English Academic Writing in EFL Contexts
Hayat Al-Khatib
74- 86
Problem-Based Writing Instruction: Its Effect on Students’ Skills in Argumentative Writing
Jumariati & Gunadi Harry Sulistyo


A Program to Develop the Students’ Awareness of E-learning and its Applications in English in the Foundation Program of Dhofar University
Sobhy Ahmed Soliman & Ashry Abdallah Mahmoud Waziry
 101- 118


 Pronunciation Errors Committed by Palestinian Students at An-Najah National University: An Analytical Approach
Oqab Mahmoud Jabali & Yousif Jamal Abuzaid
  119- 131

 Compliments across Gender and Power Relation among Indonesian EFL Learners
Rohmani Nur Indah

 132- 144
Power Distance and Individualism-Collectivism in EFL Learning Environment
Abdulaziz Alshahrani
 145- 159
 Exploring the Status and Teachers’ Perceptions of Technology Integration in EFL Classrooms at Chadli Bendjedid University, Algeria
Ladaci Naima
 160- 170
The Effect of Gender and Proficiency Level on Writing Strategy Use among Iraqi High School Students

Qusay Mahdi Mutar & Vahid Nimehchisalem



An Assessment of Iraqi EFL Learners’ Performance in Using

Synonymy and Antonymy

Dhea Mizhir Kreb

Classroom Interaction in English Language Class for Students of Economics Education
Ima Isnaini Taufiqur Rohmah
Teaching Writing to Second Language Learners: Bench-marking Strategies for Classroom
Syed Sarwar Hussain
   208 – 227
The Effect of E-mail and WhatsApp on Jordanian EFL Students’ Reading Skill
Kafa Mohammad Bani Khalaf
 228- 237


 Issues and Challenges of E-Portfolio in Micro Teaching Class: Students’
Sarlita Dewi Matra & Dwi Rukmini
An Autosegmental Analysis of Arabic Passive Participle of Triliteral Verbs
Majd S. Abushunar & Radwan S. Mahadin
The Impact of Wait Time Instruction and Teaching Experience on Teachers’ Feedback
in Moroccan Speaking Classes
 268- 278


The Relationship between Learner Motivation and Vocabulary Size: The Case of Iraqi EFL Classrooms
Mohammed Khaleel Khudhur ALBODAKH & Emrah Cinkara


How Do Indonesian Professional English Teachers Develop Their Pedagogical Competence in Teaching Implementation?
Dini Kurnia Irmawati , Utami Widiati & Bambang Yudi Cahyono
 Effective Solutions for Reducing Saudi Learners’ Speaking Anxiety in EFL classrooms
Suzan Hammad Rafada & Abeer Ahmed Madini
Examining the Relationship between E-Learning Styles and Achievement in English among Moroccan University Students
Azize  EL Ghouati
 323 -332
Using Dictogloss Tasks: Attention to Form in a Collaborative Classroom Activity with Female Translation Students at King Saud University
Dina Mohamed Alsibai
     333 -348
The Impact of Class Size on Teaching and Learning English as a Foreign Language: The Case of the Department of English at Abdelhamid Ibn Badis University
Hayat  Aoumeur
EFL Learners’  Higher Order Thinking and  Technology Based Instruction in Literature

Case Study of Biskra Univesity 2nd year Students
Nadia Rezig Betka

 362- 370
Causal Relationship amongst Epistemic Beliefs, Motivations, and Strategies Use in Reading for EFL Students
Ive Emaliana , Utami Widiati , Mohammad Adnan Latief & SuharmantoThe Frequently Used Discourse Markers by Saudi EFL Learners
Maryam Alshar
Aspects of Taboos Surrounding Algerian Females’ Daily Issues and Language
Arabic Grammar in Context: Languages in Context

Author: Mohammad T. Alhawary

Reviewer: Yahya Kharrat

Fear of Negative Evaluation in an EFL Setting: An Algerian Case Study

Author: Nadia Idri

Reviewer: Esra İstek