Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number2. June 2018              Pp.1-2
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Minding the Gap in Vocabulary Knowledge: Incidental Focus on Collocation through Reading
Thamer Alharthi
3 -22
  The Effect of Pair Writing Technique on Iraqi EFL University Students’ Writing Performance and Anxiety
Salam Hamid Abbas & Shaymaa Abdulbaqi Al-bakri
 Foreign Language Anxiety of EFL Students: Examining the Effect of Self-Efficacy, Self-Perceived Proficiency and Sociobiographical Variables
Elias Bensalem
 38- 55
Identity, Ideology, and Language
A Literature Review of Theoretical Anchors and Empirical Studies
Majd Sarah
 The Effect of ECRIF Strategy on EFL Seventh Graders’ Vocabulary Learning and Retention
Basma Issa Ahmad AlSaleem
Perceptions of EFL Teachers at King Abdulaziz University Regarding the Effectiveness of Cambridge University Press’s Train the Trainer Course
Catherine Karen Roy , Sabitha Rahim & Aishah Yaqoub Khojah


 An Exploratory Study on Students’ Reading Interest Development through

Independent Reading-Retelling Activity
Rusma Noortyani

 108 -117


 Spelling Difficulties Faced by Arab Learners of English as a Foreign Language
Oudah S. Alenazi
 118 -126
 English Language Syllabuses: Definition, Types, Design, and Selection
Sabah Salman Sabbah
 127- 142
 Effectiveness of Kagan Models in Minimizing Disruptive Behaviors and Academic Achievement among Jordanian Fourth Graders
Adwan Mohammad Bani Hamad , Haytham Mousa Barahmeh , Nabeel Mousa Barahmeh  & Sameera Jamil Al- Hassoun
Human versus Automated Essay Scoring: A Critical Review
Beata Lewis Sevcikova
 157 -174
 Does Curriculum Help Students to Develop Their English Competence?

A Case in Indonesia
Dwi Poedjiastutie , Fida Akhyar, Deviy Hidayati & Fajriyah Nurul Gasmi

Use of First Language in the Classroom: Non-native EFL Teachers’ Beliefs in Teaching English to Adult Learners in Bilingual Context

Iftikhar Ahmad , Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan & Muhammad Sabboor Hussain

Correlation between Anxiety and Willingness to Communicate

in the Indonesian EFL Context
Yana Shanti Manipuspika

200- 217
The Effects of Learning and Communication Strategies Instruction on

Economics Undergraduates’ Oral Communication Ability in Thailand

Mintra Puripunyavanich & Kittitouch Soontornwipast

 Lexical Frequency Effect on Reading Comprehension and Recall
Nadia Nouri & Badia Zerhouni
234 -250
Chinese Overseas Students’ Perspectives on Benefits and Limitations of English Language Learning and Teaching between China and Thailand
Singhanat Nomnian
 The Use of Humour in EFL Classrooms: Comparative Conversational Analysis Case Study
Sahar Ali Fadel & Abdullah Al-Bargi
 262 -282
 EFL University Teachers’ Professional Development in the Thai Context
Sureepong Phothongsunan
 283 -297
 Classroom Discourse Failure among Algerian Secondary School Learner
 Reading Comprehension Strategies among EFL Learners in Higher Learning Institutions
Hamza Al-Jarrah & Nur Salina binti Ismail
 315- 328
 Enhancing Usage of Scientific Formulae for Students less Proficient inEnglish language in an Undergraduate Class :a case study in Saudi Arabia
Anjum Afrooze
  An Evaluation Model of Teaching Practicum of Pre-Service EFL Teachers at the Faculty of Education and Teacher Training in Higher Education
Syamsudarni & Sahraini
 352- 363
 The Effects of a Creativity Training Program on Students’ Initial Perceptions of Creativity: The Case Study of Mohamed First University, Morocco
Mohamed DIHI & Abderrahmane BOUAMRI
 364 -378


 Use of Saudi EFL Adult Learners’ L1 to Address Foreign Language Classroom Anxiety
Khaled Besher Albesher, Muhammad Sabboor Hussain &Aisha Farid
Saudi Students’ Perceived Self-efficacy and its Relationship to their Achievement in English Language Proficiency

Mohammad Saleem , Muhammad Ali & Radzuwan Ab Rashid

 Enhancing Mentoring Quality: The Tri-spheric Ecological Approach to Mentor Selection (TEAMS)
Rachid Moussaid & Badia Zerhouni
414- 428
Book Review: A Concise Introduction to General American Pronunciation. Segmented Features

Author : Rastislav Metruk
Reviewer: Yevgeniya Karpenko

 429- 432
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