Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 4. December 2019                      Pp.1-2

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Dental Students’ Perceptions of ESP Material and its Impact on Their Language Proficiency: A Case Study of a Saudi Arabian University
Uzma M Hashmi , Hussam Rajab & Asrar Ehsan Sindi
Interlanguage Development of English Complimenting Speech Acts: Strategies of Performance
Anzhelika Solodka , Luis Perea & Natalia Romanchuk
 18- 32
Teaching in a Multicultural and Demanding Society
Khalid Aada
33- 43
A Comparative Research on Perceived EAP Competencies of Turkish Academics
Reyhan Ağçam & M. Pınar Babanoğlu
Perceptions and Practices of EFL Pre-service Teachers about Reflective Teaching
Zainab Alsuhaibani
Rhetorical Move Structure in Abstracts of Research Articles Published in Ecuadorian and American English-Speaking Contexts
Rodrigo Tovar Viera
 74 -87
The Use of Information and Communication Technology in Academic Research: Is it possible to Realize Academic Integrity?
Hanane Rabahi
   88- 100
A Discursive and Pragmatic Analysis of WhatsApp Text-based Status Notifications
Hussein Taha Assaggaf
The 4mat Model in English Language Teaching
Basmah Issa Ahmad AlSaleem
112 -120
Dialect Conflict and Identity Issues in Tlemcen Speech Community
Hynd Kaid Slimane-Mahdad
Promoting and Assessing EFL College Students’ Critical Thinking Skills through Argumentative Essay Writing
Talha A. Sharadgah , Rami A. Sa’di & Hamdi H. Ahmad
133 -150
A Collaborative Peer-Consulted Text Analysis: Students’ Perspectives
Giving more Voice to Post-graduate Students’ ESP Lecture Comprehension Needs
Diagnosing Saudi Students’ English Consonant Pronunciation Errors
Manahel Hamad Alzinaidi & Muhammad M. M. Abdel Latif
 180- 193
An Overview of Flipped Learning Studies in Malaysia
Siti Fatimah Abd Rahman , Melor Md Yunus & Harwati Hashim
Assessing the ESP Needs of Saudi Engineering Undergraduates: A Diagnostic View
Iftikhar Muhammad & Abdul Halim Abdul Raof
ICT: An Effective Platform to Promote Writing Skills among Chinese Primary School Pupils
Chua Chin Nee , Melor Md Yunus & Ashairi Suliman
Investigating the Students’ Writing Ability in Responding to Environmental Issue
Lestari Setyowati , Sony Sukmawan & Ana Ahsana El-Sulukiyyah
 238 -250
Understanding EFL Linguistic Models through Relationship between Natural Language Processing and Artificial Intelligence Applications
Muhammed Salim Keezhatta
The Effect of Writing Knowledge on EFL Students’ Ability in Composing
Argumentative Essays
Abdu Alkhalek Mohamed Rubiaee , Saadiyah Darus & Nadzrah Abu Bakar
Scaffolding Effects on Writing Acquisition Skills in EFL Context
Moin Hasan & Mohammad Rezaul Karim
Towards a Multi-source Performance Appraisal Model in Omani Higher Education Institutions
Awad Alhassan & Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali
Foreign Language Speaking Anxiety: A Psycholinguistic Barrier Affecting Speaking Achievement of Saudi EFL Learners

Hussein Hammodeh Ahmad Al-Khotaba , Eid Hamoudeh Ahmed Alkhataba , Samsiah Abdul-Hamid & Ibrahim Bashir

  313- 329
Education 4.0 Technologies, Industry 4.0 Skills and the Teaching of English in Malaysian Tertiary Education

Airil Haimi Mohd Adnan , Rafidah Abd Karim , Mohd Haniff Mohd Tahir , Nurul Nadiah Mustafa Kamal & Ahmad Muhyiddin Yusof

  330 343
The impact of Saudi Arabian Teachers’ Beliefs on their use of L1 or L2 in the Classroom in the Context of Communicative Language Teaching: A Literature Review
Ahmed O. Alharbi
Task-based Meaningful Literacy for Language Learners
Ahdab A. Saaty
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