Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)Special Issue:The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019

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Team of this issue 1
Message of the Editors 2
Studying Foreign Language Anxiety with its Causes and Effects: A case of King Khalid University EFL Learners
Nisar Ahmad Koka , Mohammad Nurul Islam & Mohammed Osman
4 -21
Saudi MA Translators: An Evaluation Issue
Adel Salem Bahameed
22- 31
Stress Placement and the Difficulties Encountered by Female EFL Students in Saudi Arabian Context
Zahra Ahmed Misfer & Najat Ahmed Busabaa
32- 43
Assessing English Grammar Assessment and Feedback: a Case Study of King Khalid University (KKU) Students
Sara Sevinj Huseynova
Analyzing Speaking Errors Made by EFL Saudi University Students
Emad Ahmed Al-Tamari
56 -69
Exploring EFL Graduate Students’ Attitudes toward, and Use of, Mobile Phones in Language Learning
Ismail Alrefaai
Using Technology towards Promoting Online Instructional Scaffolding: Literature Review
Mona M. Hamad & Amal Abdelsattar Metwally
Refusal Strategies of Saudi EFL Undergraduate Students
Wafa Ismail Saud
Elicitation: A Powerful Diagnostic Tool for Actively Involving Learners in the Learning Process
Shanjida Halim & Tanzina Halim
115- 126
Multicultural Diverse Classroom Addressing the Instructional Challenges and Reflections, from a Teacher’s Perspective
Rakhshinda Jabeen
Saudi EFL Learners’ Perceptions about the Teaching of English by Native and Non-native English Teacher
Abdul Qadeer
Text, Reader & Pedagogy: A Reflection Upon Teaching English Poetry to EFL Female Students at a Saudi Arabian University
AmatulHafeez Alvi & Rahma Alvi
Practical Application of Learners’ First Language to Teaching Meaning in EFL Classes:   A Case Study Conducted in the Department of English at King Khalid University  Mohammad Adil . 170- 187
The Relevance of Doing Virtual Classes: A Study of Postgraduate Female Students’ Attitudes and Perceptions
Messadah Shaye Al-qahtani
188 -206
From Cognition, Metacognition to Autonomy: A Framework for Understanding Language Learning Dynamics
Md. Mahmudul Haque
Teachers’ and Students’ Perceptions of Virtual Classes and the effectiveness of Virtual Classes in Enhancing Communication Skills
Manal Hussain Al-Qahtani
223 -240
An Analysis of Undergraduate Saudi EFL Female Students’ Errors in Written English Essays
Roaa Abdullah Mohammed Hussain
Literature in EEL: A Gateway to a Successful Teaching-Learning Experience by Stimulating Human Psyche
Gaus Ul Azam Chowdhury & Anjum Mishu
259 -276
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