Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.5 July 2019                                            Pp.1-2                                  
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Exploring the Effects of Interactive Response System (IRS) in an EFL Grammar Class
Chia-Pei Wu
An Assessment of the Effectiveness of CALL in Teaching English Language Writing Skills in Saudi Arabia
Hailah Alhujaylan
18 -27


Can Home Use of Speech-Enabled Artificial Intelligence Mitigate Foreign Language Anxiety – Investigation of a Concept
Minhui Bao
28 -40
Improving ESL Learners’ Grammar with Gamified-Learning
Harwati Hashim , Karmila Rafiqah M. Rafiq & Melor Md. Yunus
 Effectiveness of ProjectWeb Learning Approach in the Development of Action Research Skills among Master’s Students in Oman
Abdelkader Mohamed Abdelkader Elsayed
The Impact of Texting on Standard English: The Students’ Perspective
Jamal Kaid Mohammed Ali , S. Imtiaz Hasnain & M. Salim Beg
The Determinants of Use and Acceptance of Mobile Assisted Language Learning:The Case of EFL Students in Morocco
Nabil Morchid
76 – 97
Massive Open Online Courses : En Route to Communication Skills Acquisition
Melor Md Yunus , Haida Umiera Hashim & Harwati Hashim
The Attitudes of Second Year EFL Students at Dr Moulay Tahar University towards Learning English Pronunciation through Mobile Assisted Language
110 -123
Efficiency of an Educational Robotic Computer-mediated Training Program for Developing Students’ Creative Thinking Skills: An Experimental Study
Sobhy Ahmed Soliman
Blended CEFR in Enhancing Vocabulary among Low Proficiency Students
Prisla Devi Krishnan & Melor Md Yunus
EFL Learners’ Lexico-grammatical Competence in Paper-based Vs. Computer-based in Genre Writing Sundus Ziad AlKadi & Abeer Ahmed Madini 154-175
The Implications of Online Translation Courses on Instructors’ Philosophy of Teaching
Sayed Ismail , Haroon Nasser Alsager & Abdulfattah Omar
176 -189
EFL Learners’ Perception about Integrating Blended Learning in ELT
Syeda Saima Ferheen Bukhari & Fatima Mahmoud Basaffar
Memory Stay Or Stray?:  Irregular Verbs Learning Using Kahoot!
Melor Md. Yunus & Mohd Azmanuddin bin Azman
Conversation Analysis: Opening Sequences and Ritual Expressions of Informal Mobile Phone Calls between Saudis
Mohammad Mahzari
220- 251
Graduate Students’ Reflections on Technology in Language Learning and Teaching: A Qualitative Study
Mohammed A. A. Farrah
252 -266
Engaging Students through Blended Learning Activities to Augment Listening and Speaking
Najat Hussein Alsowayegh , Hisham Jameel Bardesi , Ibrahim Garba & Muhammad Aslam Sipra
A Study of EFL Students’ Attitudes, Motivation and Anxiety towards WhatsApp as a Language Learning Tool
Jamal Kaid Mohammed Ali & Wagdi Rashad Ali Bin-Hady
Barriers to CALL Implementation in Written Expression Courses: EFL Teachers’ Perspectives
299 -306
EFL Teachers as Designers of Ubiquitous Learning Experiences
Nadjat Khenioui
307- 318
The Impact of Digital Storytelling on ESL Narrative Writing Skill
Mohd Azmi Zakaria & Azlina Abdul Aziz
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