Arab World English Journal: Special Issue: Application of Global ELT Practices in Saudi Arabia, September 2019


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Message of the Editors 1
A Study of Irony in Political Discourse
Shatha Naiyf Qaiwer


Posters in Vocabulary Learning
Hanan Dhia Alsalihi
Pragmatic Deficits in Iraqi Patients with Schizophrenia: A Descriptive Study
Jinan Jassim Abbass & Sabah S. Mustafa
Examining the Effect of Listening Strategy Instruction on EFL Iraqi learners’ Listening Anxiety
Shiva Kaivanpanah , Sayyed Mohammad Alavi & Hussein AL-Shammari
The Impact of Social Media Application in Promoting Speaking Skill of Iraqi University learners of English: A Skype-based Study
Ali Hasan Dirjal & Zargham Ghabanchi
Politeness Strategies and Maxims in English for Islamic texts: A Sociolinguistic Analysis of Quran
Hamid Gittan Jewad , Zargham Ghabanchi & Mohammad Ghazanfari
The Use of Vocabulary Learning Strategies by EFL and EAP Undergraduate University Learners’ in the Iraqi Context
Mohanad Al-Omairi
 111- 120
 Effective Reading Strategies for Generation Z Using Authentic Texts
Nataliia Bilonozhko & Anastasiia Syzenko
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