Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on CALL No.2 July, 2015





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3 – 5

Mobile ELT: East and South of the Red Sea

David B. Kent

6 – 21

Development and Pilot Testing of a Blended-Learning Program for Medical English

Naoko Ono

22 – 37

Lost in Digital Translation? Testing Web-Based Digital Literacy Assessment Tools with Arabic Speaking Internet Users
Susan Dun

38 – 50

Application of Information and Communication Technology Tools for English Language Teaching in an Omani Context

Jayaron Jose & Mohammed Jafre Zainol Abidin


51 -67

Online Tutorials on Advanced Writing Skills CourseA Case Study of Distance Learning1


68 –80

The Availability and Use of Technology and Learning Resources in Translation Programmes
Basmah Ali Abu-ghararah

81 – 90

Integrated EFL Skills and Technology: Focus on Learners’ Perceptions

Hosni Mostafa El-Dali

91 – 115

The Use of Technology in Second Language Literacy: Does it work?
Samah Elbelazi

116– 123

Zotero Software: A Means of Bibliographic Research and Data Organisation; Teaching Bibliographic Research

Nadia Idri

124– 133

The Effect of Twitter on Developing Writing Skill in English as a Foreign Language

Mervat Abd Elfatah Ali Said Ahmed

134 –149

Virtual Task-Based Situated Language-Learning with Second Life: Developing EFL Pragmatic Writing and Technological Self-Efficacy

Mahmoud M. S. Abdallah & Marian M. Mansour

150 – 182

The effect of CALL proposed Program on University Students’ Achievement in English

Ali Sabah Jameel Al-Khayyat

183 – 194

Discussion-Based Approach to English Language Teaching and Learning

A Digital Dedicated Language Laboratory

Naima Hamlaoui & Nacereddine Benabdallah

195 –206

The Analysis of Cohesive links and Content, Interactional Quality and Objective Measures Based on the Conceptual Framework of Nandi
Aysha Mohd Sharif


Book Review: Social Network Analysis

Author: John Scott
Reviewer: Dr. Nadia IDRI

226 – 229


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