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Editorial Team   1-111
Said M. Shiyab
Subversion through Self-translation
Said M. Faiq


Pedagogical Implications of Utilizing Translation Evaluation Strategies with Translation Students: Toward a Model of Teaching Translation
Abdullah Al-Melhi

11 – 26

Use of Translation in the Classroom by EFL Teachers in Libya
(A descriptive study)
Jamal M. Giaber Mohamed

27 – 40

Training Legal Translators and Interpreters in Palestine
Mohammad Ahmad Thawabteh & Omar Yousef Najjar

41 –  52

Communicating Culture
Zalfa Rihani

53 – 64

Teaching CAT Tools to Translation Students: an Examination of Their Expectations and Attitudes
Hind M. Alotaibi

65 – 74

The Implicature of Reference Switching (iltifāt) from Second Person to Third Person in the Translation of Sūrat Al-Baqarah

Najat Ali Muhammad Ahmed Al-Badani, Norsimah Mat Awal, Intan Safinaz Zainudin & Ashinida Aladdin

75 – 87

Importance of Linguistics in the Development of Translation Competence

Malika Jmila

88 – 94

The Importation of the Holy Quran into English: Governing Factors in the Translating Process

Abobaker Ali M. Alsaleh Brakhw & Sharifah Fazliyaton Shaik Ismail


Translating Repetition in Political Speeches

Omaya Mohammed Waleed Al- Fahmawi

105 – 115
Semantic and Syntactic Challenges in Translating Political News Reports from English into Arabic and vice versa: A Linguistic Approach

Ahmad Mohammad Ahmad AL-Harahsheh & Mohammed Mahmoud Obeidat


A New Perspective on the Cultural, Linguistic and Socio-linguistic Problems in the Translation with Particular Reference to Mohammed Abdul-Wali’s Short Fiction

Huda AL-Mansoob


Cohesive Devices in the Short Suras of the Glorious Quran

Asim Ismail Ilyas

135- 146

Translating into L2- the Unachievable Perfection

Mourad Meftah Baachaoui


Conducting Research on Translation in and about the UAE
Sattar Izwaini
The Importance of Cultural Awareness in English – Arabic Translation
Shadiah Hamza Sheikh
Language Errors in Machine Translation of Encyclopedic Texts from English into Arabic: the case of Google Translate

Ahmad Muhammed Al-Samawi

A Higher-Order Functional View of Translation

Mohammed Hiddas


The Shift of Grice’s Maxim Flouting in Indonesian Translation of the Donald Duck Comics

Issy Yuliasri


Practical Approach in Teaching News Translation: a Case Study on the Libyan Crisis 2011

Sonia Asmahène HALIMI

Shihab M. Ghanem
Taken in With Void
Saeed Ateeq Al Qubaisi
Translator:: Zalfa Rihani


The Beautiful Monster
Amal Mokhtar
Translators: Douja Mamelouk &Frank Lawrence
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