AWEJ Volume.4 Number.2, 2013                                                                                Pp.235-245

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Constructive Alignment Vs Experiential Learning for ESL Students

Ethel Reyes-Chua
Jubail University College – Female Branch
Jubail Industrial City, K.S.A.


This study looks into the two important pedagogical strategies of teaching based on the author’s experiences: constructive alignment and experiential learning.  The researcher proposes that English language teachers should not only master the theories, concepts and principles of teaching and learning, but rather they have to try, to use, re-apply, re-invent, re-develop, implement, and evaluate their pedagogical strategies that work to a certain subject or course or to a certain class of students.  This paper concludes with some best practices in teaching and learning that will lead to quality improvement and professional growth. This paper uses the descriptive type of research through documentary analysis and reflective observation.  The findings show that whatever type of pedagogical strategies will be used inside the classroom, should not matter at all, as long as the strategies fit the students’ learning styles and preferences. The question: “What have my students learnt after the course?” should be expounded by this piece of work.
Keywords: constructive alignment, experiential learning, effective teaching and learning



Ms. Ethel Reyes-Chua has been connected with Jubail University College – Female Branch
since 2010 as an English Instructor. Prior to this, she has ample experiences in teaching English
as a second language in her own country, Philippines. She graduated with the degree in Bachelor
of Arts in English and Masters of Arts in Teaching major in Literature. She also finished her Post
Graduate Certificate (PGC) at Southampton Solent University in June 2010 with flying colors.
She is actively participating at presenting research papers to various local or international
seminars and conferences to improve her methods and pedagogical strategies of teaching