EXTENDED/Call for Papers for Special Issue on Intercultural Communication and Language Use in Virtual Spaces in January issue 2023

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) welcomes papers for Special Issue on Intercultural Communication and Language Use in Virtual Spaces in January 2023.  The deadline for manuscript submission has been extended until December 15. 2022.  The issue publication date is January 2023. For more information, visit the Arab World English Journal on www.awej.org. Before sending your paper, please read the submission and Manuscript Guidelines for Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)

The papers can address, but are not limited to, the following areas:

Use and effectiveness of digital tools.

Face to face leaning Vs. Virtual  and learning

Parent’s involvement in online learning.

Virtual assessment and testing

Students’ perceptions of online learning

learners’ ability and virtual learning

Teachers’ perspectives toward virtual learning
University challenges to transit to online learning.
Delivering effective  virtual teaching in higher education
Online Classroom Experience during Covid-19

Distant Learning: A new experience during the COVID-19

A New academic culture of teaching and learning during Covid 19 pandemic

COVID19’s challenges inspired many educators and researchers around the globe to address these continuous challenges.  AWEJ devoted its efforts to look at these challenges in this uncertain pandemic and its impact on learning.

You could access the full issue of our first issue on Covid 19. Please click here or individual issue click here

Here also you could find some more papers that we have published:

By: Dr. Nadia GHOUNANE

By: Dr, Nesreen Saud Alahmadi & Budoor Muslim Alraddadi

By:  Babelyuk Oksana Andriivna ,Dr.  Koliasa Olena Vasylivna , Dr. Kushlyk Oksana Pavlivna & Smaglii Valeriia Mykhaylivna

By: Dr. Haifa Al-Nofaie

By: Dr. Syerina Syahrin & Abdelrahman Abdalla Salih

By: Dr.  Oksana O. Rezvan , Dr. Olena L. Ilienko , Dr. Olga I. Zelinska , Dr. Alla M. Krokhmal & Dr. Alona M. Prykhodko

By: Mohammad Mahyoob

·       Online EFL Emergency Remote Teaching during COVID 19, Challenges and Innovative Practices: A Case of Oman

By: Samia Naqvi & Insiya Zehra

·       A Structural Approach to E-learning During COVID–19 Pandemic

By: Zeb Fatima

·       Skill-based ESP Classroom: Teaching for Preserving and Enhancing Oman’s Comparative Advantages in an Era of Economic and Digital Transformation

By: Peter Heckadon & Victoria Tuzlukova

·       The Effectiveness of Teacher Electronic Feedback in Asynchronous Teaching: A Case Study of Foundation Students at Sultan Qaboos University

By: Tareq Monther Al Damen

·       The Impact of Mobile-Assisted Language Learning (MALL) in Developing the Listening Skill: A Case of Students at Dubai Men’s College, the United Arab Emirates

By: Hussam Alzieni

·       Unlocking Technology for Language Learning: A Viability at the Time of Transition from Traditional to Online Teaching and Learning

By: Reema Srivastava

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