AWEJ Volume.4 Number.3, 2013                                                                     Pp.162-171

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Blending Teaching in English Language Large Classes

 Hala Salih Mohammed Nur
English Language Institute, University of Khartoum


The paper is based on action research carried out in the University of Khartoum. The research was conducted among second year students at the Faculty of Science studying English for Science as university requirement for 2 hours a week for 15 weeks. The main aim of the research was to discover students’ motivation in large classes towards the use of the online tools in learning English language and to discover ways to increase time of exposure to English language. Online tools such as Yahoo Groups and Wikis were introduced with face to face instruction to increase contact time of the students. Blending computer mediated teaching with traditional methods were the main features of the action research. Different tools were used to investigate the learning outcome and students reactions toward the use of a blended teaching.  Results showed positive attitudes of students towards the use of blended teaching and use of online tools in learning English.

Key words: action research, large classes, blended teaching, online tools, exposure to English


Hala Nur is an assistant professor at the University of Khartoum. She has got PhD in literature
and has been teaching English language and literature since 1988. Hala has been the head of the
Department of English Language at the Administration for University Requirements and
currently she is the founder and director of the English Language Institute at the University of