Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Vol.2 No. 4 December 2011                                                                                                pp. 136-170

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Attitudes Towards Collaborative Writing Among English Majors in Hebron University

Dr. Mohammed Abdel Hakim Farrah
English Department, Faculty of Arts
Hebron University, Palestine

This study investigates students‟ attitudes towards enhancing the writing skills of Palestinian English Majors by using collaborative learning. The study was conducted at the English Department at Hebron University in the second and the summer semesters of the academic year 2010-2011. The study participants were taking Writing and the Integrated Language Skills courses. The population comprised 95 students. A 32-item questionnaire was used to assess the attitudes of the students toward collaborative learning. Moreover, the researcher investigated whether there was a significant difference in the attitudes of the students pertaining to gender, proficiency (GPA) and year of study or academic level and one aspect of their learning styles (introverts vs. extroverts). The results indicate that the students had positive attitudes towards collaborative learning. Moreover, the results showed that female students favored collaborative activities more than male students. Statistically significant differences were also revealed regarding level of the students and their proficiency showing that low achievers and less advanced learners favored the collaborative activities. Similarly, statistically significant evidence showed that extrovert students favored collaborative activities. The researcher concluded by offering some practical recommendations on using collaborative activities to enhance English language skills of English major at Hebron University, Palestine.

Keywords: collaborative learning, learning preferences, gender, proficiency, academic level


Mohammed Abdel Hakim Farrah, an assistant Professor of English Language Studies, graduated with a BA from Hebron University in 1990 in English Language and Literature, MA in TESOL from International Islamic University in Malaysia in 1999, Ph.D. in English Language Studies in 2006 from International Islamic University in Malaysia. There are a number of publications in the field of online learning and teaching reading and writing. Administrative positions included Chair of the English Department until the present time, Editorial Secretary of Hebron University Research Journal, and presented a number of papers in local and international conferences.

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