Arab World English Journal (AWEJ)Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia, December 2019             Pp. 44-55

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Assessing English Grammar Assessment and Feedback: a Case Study of King Khalid
University (KKU) Students

Sara Sevinj Huseynova
Faculty of Languages and Translation
King Khalid University, Abha, KSA





This article investigates strategies to improve communicative grammar feedback effectiveness. The motivation for the study is that instructing communicative grammar has been regarded as crucial to the ability to use language by English language learners (ELL). As the fundamental organizing principle of language, grammar plays a critical role in establishing communicative tasks, proficiency, and accuracy. It facilitates the syntactic system of the language, the structure which holds the language together. Moreover, a recent research literature review supports the contextualized grammar effectiveness, especially with EFL learners’ instruction, and has a considerable impact on the writing performance of adult English language learners ( ELL). A renewed interest in grammar from teaching, learning and research perspectives has created the need for new approaches to assessing the grammatical ability of the ELL and evaluating the outcome of the assessment. The objective of this study is to provide insight into how to motivate English as a Foreign Language (EFL) students to welcome the assessment of their grammar in the student-centered and teacher-guided environment. It has been made based on the research, performed at the King Khalid University with basic level students, taking Intensive English Grammar course at the KKU. The article questions whether assessing Grammar appropriately in a well-organized, effective manner leads to the productive steps forward for EFL learners. Ultimately, the information obtained endorses, that the targeted grammar feedback tailored to the needs of the students of the particular EFL levels, should be organized in a certain constructive positive and practical way to meet the content of the instruction, and, finally, fit the target of the University education.
Keywords: corrective feedback (CF); grammar assessment; grammar feedback; grammar feedback assessment; grammar feedback effectiveness.

Cite as: Huseynova, S. S. (2019). Assessing English Grammar Assessment and Feedback: a Case Study of King Khalid University (KKU) Students.Arab World English Journal, Special Issue: The Dynamics of EFL in Saudi Arabia. 44-55


Sara Sevinj Huseynova has got a Ph.D. in Linguistics, which was accredited at the University
of Toronto in Canada in 2006. She is an Ontario Certified English Language Teacher (OCELT),
with an International Certificate in Teaching English as an Additional Language (ICTEAL).
Alongside with that, Sara has a TESL Methodology and Theory Trainer Certificate from TESL
Ontario, Canada. She has taught English for Academic Purposes at 3 leading Universities of
Canada and, also, worldwide. ORCiD: