Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume.7 Number.3 September , 2016                                                   Pp.  77- 94

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Arabic for Tourism: Guidelines for Linguists and Translators  

Idris Mansor
School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia

Ghada Salman
School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia
Penang, Malaysia

The various linguistic and rhetorical characteristics of Arabic tourism discourse have been under investigation in this study. The research paper aims to study and analyse several tourist texts in Arabic to locate the most significant linguistic, as well as stylistic features of Arabic discourse for tourism. Arabic, which is a Semitic language, is one of the richest and most beautiful languages of the world. Therefore, this study highlights significant dominant features specific to Arabic tourism discourse as specialized discourse. Findings indicated that Arabic for tourism consists of various emphatic adjectival expressions, which are the most dominant features as compared to other tourism text characteristics. The content analysis included 333 items located in a number of Arabic tourist brochure extracts. The items were classified into 10 categories of linguistic and rhetorical techniques used in the Arabic tourism discourse and being analysed in terms of their frequency of usage. These techniques were further explained in detail within the context of Arabic for tourism. Various patterns of certain characteristics were also been linguistically and stylistically studied and explained. The data obtained from this research paper is significant in providing useful insights and guidelines for linguists of Arabic, as well as translators of tourism texts. Also, the linguistic and stylistic analysis on these items revealed that there are several features specific to the Arabic language of tourism as specialized discourse. The study concluded that Arabic for tourism possesses many positive stylistic and linguistic features, which add to its richness and beauty.
Keywords: Arabic, tourism, features, translation, guidelines.

Cite as: Mansor, I., & Salman, G. (2016). Arabic for Tourism: Guidelines for Linguists and Translators.  Arab World English Journal, 7(3).


Idris Mansor is a senior lecturer in Translation Studies at the Department of Translation Studies
and Interpreting, School of Humanities, Universiti Sains Malaysia. He holds a PhD in
Translation Studies from the University of Leeds, United Kingdom. His research interests
include translation approaches, Arabic-Malay translation, tourism/travel translation, history of
translation and Islamic texts translation.