Arab World English Journal     September, 2014

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Name of researcher: Nada Hamad Al-Jamal
Title of the thesis/dissertation: An Investigation of the Effect of Incorporating Input Enhancement in Dictogloss Tasks to Teach English Grammar on the Development of ESL Female Learners’ Grammatical Awareness
Subject/major: Linguistics
Degree: Master of Arts
University name, department name: Al-Imam Mohammad Ibn Saud Islamic University, College of Languages and Translation, Department of English Language and Literature, Saudi Arabia.
Year of Award: 2014


The study aimed to measure the effectiveness of incorporating input enhancement in dictogloss tasks to teach English grammar on the development of ESL female learners’ grammatical awareness. It was applied on 46 students enrolled in a Grammar -1- course at the College of Languages and Translation at Princess Nora Bint Abdul Rahman University; the experimental group (n=23) underwent audio-visually-enhanced dictogloss tasks while the controlled group (n=23) used traditional textbook exercises and activities. Both groups conducted pretest and post-test grammaticality judgment assessment to evaluate the study’s effectiveness. The results showed significant improvement in the experimental group’s grammatical awareness levels. Furthermore, a survey that measured the students’ attitudes toward the enhanced tasks was distributed. The students showed greater tendency concerning such practice as they expressed their interest towards it because it resulted in them noticing their own improvement. Finally, a number of recommendations and suggestions are presented based on the results of the current research

Keywords: Input Enhancement; Dictogloss; Grammatical Awareness.