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 An Exploratory Study of the Effectiveness University Website of Mohamed Lamine Debaghine-Sétif-2-



Ikhlas Gherzouli
Department of English Language and Literature,
Mohamed Lamine Debaghine (MLD)-Setif-2- University, Algeria

All universities around the world focus their time and staff resources for improving their websites in an attempt to mark their presence through the web. Having a university website, which provides easy access to necessary information for people, as students, teachers, researchers, and administrators, has become vital to any institution, and should thus respond to their needs. The success of any web site is partly related to how effective it is. An effective website should provide great experiences to its users such as: interactivity, attractive design, informative content and ease of use. Among these requirements, website’s design is the first thing that captures the users’ attention. A clear understanding of how best to design effective websites is therefore imperative. The available literature on websites’ effectiveness remains little and much more user-centric. As a matter of fact, this study tries to see into what web designers of MLD University consider as important attributes of effectiveness. For this, only one evaluation method was used: a checklist handed to members of the team in charge of the university website design.
Key words: university website, website effectiveness, website design.


Ikhlas Gherzouli has been teaching English over twelve years both in middle school and
university. She graduated from Ferhat Abbas University with a BA degree in English Language
and from Abderahman Mira University with a Magister degree in English Didactics. Miss
Gherzouli taught many courses both to graduate and postgraduate students including: Grammar,
Oral Expression, Listening Comprehension, Phonetics and Phonology, Méthodologie du Travail
Universitaire, Perfectionnement de la langue Anglaise, Neuroscience, Méthodologie de la
recherche Scientifique, Recherche Documentaire, and Translation. In addition she is a member
of the Quality Assurance Cell and University Website Design Team of Mohamed Lamine
Debaghine University. Miss Gherzouli’s interests include: teacher professional development,
action research, ICT, quality assurance in higher education and curriculum development.