Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9. Number 1. March 2018                                   Pp. 388-405

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An Evaluatıon of “Sunrıse 9’’ from EFL Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectıves in Northern Region of Iraq


Burhan Omar Mahmud
Sulaimaniyah, Iraq



Textbooks are one of the essential types of materials that are extensively used in English as a second language classroom instruction. The current study tries to evaluate the textbook SUNRISE 9 based on six categories. This study intends to cover how those categories are represented in SUNRISE 9. The categories are the layout and design, activities, skills, language type, subject and content and conclusion. The present study aims at answering the questions about SUNRISE 9 from teachers’ and students’ opinions and finding out whether there is a statistically significant difference between the teachers’ and students’ responses with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of the textbook which are used in language classrooms in all basic schools in the Northern Iraq. Two data collection tools were carried out in the current study. The quantitative data were obtained using questionnaire for teachers and students with a total number of 375 9th grade students and 40 9th grade teachers. They were chosen randomly from Sulaimanyah city in the North of Iraq. The qualitative part of the study, semi-structured interviews were held among 13 teachers to gather more neccessary data. The findings reveal that the teacher participants have negative opinions towards most of the sections of the textbook and some others have not stated any opinions but the student participants generally have positive opinions about SUNRISE 9. For this English textbook SUNRISE 9, an empirical evaluative study and an in-depth method evaluation are also suggested to be conducted to find out more important results.
Keywords: evaluation, material, material evaluation, textbook, textbook evaluation

Cite as: Mahmud, B. O. (2018). An Evaluatıon of “Sunrıse 9’’ from EFL Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectives in Northern Region of Iraq.
Arab World English Journal, 9 (1).


Burhan Omar Mahmud was born in Sulaimanyah in 1987. He is a graduate of Sulaimanyah
University – College of languages – Department of English Language and Literature (2009). He
also has a ‘Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language’ (TEFL) obtained from London
Humanities College (2013). He has an MA degree in English Language Teaching at Gaziantep
University in Turkey.