Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 12. Number2  June 2021                                              Pp.169- 184

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An Evaluation of English Department Coursebooks at Komar University: A Case Study 

Kochar Ali Saeed
English Department, Komar University of Science and Technology, Sulaymaniyah
Kurdistan Region, Iraq 

Lanya Mohammed Sabir
English Department, Komar University of Science and Technology
Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq 

     Bayar Swara Fatah
English Department, Komar University of Science and Technology
Sulaymaniyah, Kurdistan Region, Iraq  

Received: 3/24/2021               Accepted: 5/16/2021              Published: 6/24/2021  


This research aims to give a clear image of coursebook evaluation in the English department of Komar University of Science and Technology (KUST) in Iraqi Kurdistan. The focus of this paper is to show the advantages and disadvantages of six coursebooks that are used in the English department of KUST. For this purpose, the researchers conducted interviews with the instructors and a survey with the students of these courses. These interviews and the survey show the good sides and the shortcomings of the studied coursebooks by asking different types of questions related to the contents of the books. The research took place in Fall-Winter 2019. The study results show that two-thirds of the teachers were satisfied with the coursebooks chosen to teach in the department of English to a large degree, and most of the students were satisfied with their coursebooks.
Keywords: coursebook, ELT,  evaluation, interviews, Komar University, predictive evaluation, retrospective evaluation

Cite as:  Saeed, K. A., Sabir, L. M., & Fatah, B. F.  (2021). An Evaluation of English Department Coursebooks at Komar University:
A Case Study.  Arab World English Journal, 12 (2) 169-184.


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Received: 3/24/2021
Accepted: 5/16/2021 
Published: 6/24/2021  

Kochar Ali Saeed: holds a master’s degree in English language teaching. He has about three years of teaching experience. He has taught different English subjects, such as Academic Writing, Reading Comprehension, Grammar, Semantics, and pragmatics. His research interests include English language teaching, text book evaluation.