Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 10. Number 1. March 2019                                               Pp.166 – 182

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 A Study of the Pre-Service Trainee Teachers Problems in Designing Lesson Plans

Maryumah Hejji Alanazi
Department of Curriculum and Educational Technology
Northern Border University
Arar, Saudi Arabia





Abstract :                                                                                                                         

Planning a lesson remains a challenging task for the teachers. The transition from a student into a pre-service teacher and turn out into an effective teacher is a challenging task in the teaching field. We all know the nexus between the significant roles of a lesson plan in an effective teaching-learning process. This study aims to analyze the pre-service trainee teachers’ attitudes, ideas, and obstacles in designing lesson plans. The sample involved pre-service teachers who enrolled in a teaching practice course at the College of Education and Arts Northern Border University, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Fifty pre-service trainee teachers participated in the research and the data collected through casual informal interviews, daily and weekly lesson plans. This study used a methodological triangulation research design that combined ways of quantitative and qualitative data collection. This method offers better and localized insights about pre-service teachers’ attitudes of the lesson plan designing. Also analyze the problems in organizing and arranging the information related to the lesson or topic. The finding of the research revealed that the pre-service trainee teachers were well aware of lesson planning and its importance but, they found some problems during their planning.
Key words: designing lesson plans, pre-service trainee teachers, obstacles in planning, pre-service trainee’s aptitudes, of lesson plan designing

Cite as: Alanazi, M. H. (2019). A Study of the Pre-Service Trainee Teachers Problems in Designing Lesson Plans.
Arab World English Journal, 10 (1) 166 – 182.


Dr. Maryumah Hejji Alanazi is an Assistant Professor of TESOL at the College of Education &
Arts at Northern Border University in Arar, Saudi Arabia. Her research interests include issues in
Language learning and teaching, Educational Technology, teacher Education, and professional