Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 8 Number 2 June, 2017                Pp. 101- 118

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A Program to Develop the Students’ Awareness of E-learning and its Applications in English in the Foundation Program of Dhofar University 


 Sobhy Ahmed Soliman
College of Arts and Applied Sciences
Dhofar University, Salalah, Oman

Ashry Abdallah Mahmoud Waziry

Foundation Program, Dhofar University

Salalah, Oman



This study aims to identify the degree to which English language students in the Foundation Program at Dhofar University, Oman are aware of e-learning and its applications in their field of specialization. It further attempts to identify the effectiveness of certain patterns and tools of e-learning in student performance, using both descriptive and experimental approaches. To achieve these goals, researchers use a scale to measure the awareness of e-learning that includes twenty-five multiple choice questions and an evaluation card on e-learning applications in English. The study sample consists of sixty male and female students at the university. There are two primary outcomes. First, the degree of student awareness of English language e-learning is found to be relatively weak, with statistically significant differences in awareness among male and female students in favor of females. There are further statistically significant differences between students’ average scores before and after the development of an e-learning awareness program in favor of post application. The study makes a number of recommendations, including adopting the pilot awareness program in all majors and holding e-learning training seminars for both faculty and students, which, it is hoped, will bolster the effectiveness of e-learning at the university.
keywords: Awareness, E-learning, English language, foundation program

Cite as: Soliman, S. A., & Waziry, A. A.M. (2017). A Program to Develop the Students’ Awareness of E-learning and its Applications in English in the Foundation Program of Dhofar University. Arab World English Journal, 8 (2).


Dr. Sobhy Ahmed Soliman: Sobhy has taught Education Technology and education courses in
a career spanning 15 years in higher education (Menoufia University, Egypt & Dhofar
University, Oman). He contributed to publications in the areas of educational research,
Education Technology, teacher professional development and continues to research by working
with school teachers in Oman in building capacity among teachers.