Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Literature No. 4 October, 2016                        Pp.20-32

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A  Postmodernist  Reading  of  Anne  Tyler’s  Breathing Lessons, Jean  Rhys’s  Wide  Sargasso Sea   and    Kurt   Vonnegut’s  Breakfast  of  Champions 

 Nazmi Tawfiq Al-Shalabi
Department of English Language and Literature
Faculty of Arts, the Hashemite University
Zarqa, Jordan


Abstract  :
This  study  offers  a  postmodernist  reading  of  Tyler’s Breathing Lessons, Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso  Sea  and  Kurt  Vonnegut’s  Breakfast  of  Champions .Using  argumentation as a method, it comprises  an original work devoted  to demonstrating that  these  novels are  postmodern. While Tyler’s novel exemplifies postmodernism, a twentieth-century movement in art and literature, in its indirect narrative method, focus on ordinary humans, highlighting family disintegration, and demonstrating that marriage is no longer a safe anchor in life, Rhys’s emphasizes  Antoinette’s  struggle for independence, uses  irony, and is open-ended.    Vonnegut’s novel ,similarly, makes use of intertextuality, depicts characters lacking free will,   employs  collage, and selects a content  and style that  are both skeptical.  Obviously, each  one of  these  novels  reflects  postmodernism  in  its  own way.
Key Words: polar opposites, postmodernism, reaction, reference, self-reflexivity


Dr. Nazmi Tawfiq Al-Shalabi is an associate professor of American literature at the
Department of English of the Hashemite University in Jordan. He is an ex-graduate of East
Tennessee State University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania in the USA, and his