AWEJ Volume.4 Number.2, 2013                                                           Pp.14-31
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A Framework for Developing the Basic Academic Competencies in ESL Programs

Manal Mohammad T. Qutub
English Language Institute, King Abdulaziz University
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


This paper aims to establish a research-based framework for developing the basic academic competencies that focuses on the core, academic survival-level skills students need to be successful in their university work. The paper takes as a central premise that developing the basic academic competencies is essential to education and to the development of linguistic proficiency amongESLstudents. The study is carried out in three phases, the first of which is the construction of the framework, based on an extensive literature review for the term “academic competence”. Phase two consisted of a theoretical overview of the basic academic competencies comprising six elements: listening, speaking, reading, writing, thinking and studying. Phase three includes a comprehensive list of the specific academic tasks underlying each element of the basic academic competencies which are needed forESLlearners. Subsequently, the paper contributes thirty-one suggested activities, intended to develop the basic academic competencies.
Keywords:  Academic competence; basic academic competencies; linguistic proficiency; content course; mainstream courses