AWEJ Volume.4 Number.4, 2013                                                                    Pp.310-322

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   A Comprehensive Method for Teaching English for Specific Purpose  

Muhammed Ali Chalikandy

Department of English
Al Buraimi University College
Buraimi, Sultanate of Oman


English for Specific Purpose (ESP) is a market driven, need oriented and purpose driven course but a snap shot of an ESP classroom in gulf countries will reveal that it is often taught on the line of teaching General English focusing on language teaching methods. ESP teachers often forget that ESP has some distinguishing features unlike General English. ESP is a separate activity within English Language Teaching (ELT) with its own approach, material and methodology by adapting and integrating with other disciplines and it encourages learner investment and participation.  Since ESP uses distinctive approaches, materials and methods based on learners’ specific needs, ESP practitioners must assess learners’ needs, design course, develop materials, choose appropriate instruction and implement it to satisfy the identified needs of the learners. Therefore, just knowledge of language system and ability to deliver this is not enough for an ESP teacher. This article is going to delineate how to teach an ESP course successfully.
Keywords: ESP, need, design course, develop materials, evaluation



Muhammed Ali Chalikandy is a lecturer at English Department, Al Buraimi University College,
Burami, Sultanate of Oman. He has master degrees in Linguistics and English. He holds PGCTE and
CELTA. Currently I am working on my doctoral degree.