Arab World English Journal (July 2013)                                                          Theses / Dissertation

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 Name of researcher: Ohood Suliman S. Al Henaky

Title of the thesis/dissertation: A comparative and evaluative study of motivational techniques used in the second intermediate level EFL classroom in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Subject/major: Master of TESOL

University name, department name: Curriculum and Instruction, College of Education, King Saud University , Saudi Arabia

Year of award: January, 2013

Supervisor: Dr. Hind AbdulsAziz Al Fadda, Assistant Professor in Curriculum and Methodology (TESOL)


The main purpose of this study was  to investigate the degree to which second intermediate EFL teachers in Riyadh use the motivational techniques preferred by their students and if this practice had a significant effect on their achievement in English. The population of this study consists of 33 second intermediate EFL teachers and 65  students, selected from some schools in Riyadh during the academic year 2011-2012.  A questionnaire was used to investigate the motivational techniques used by second intermediate EFL teachers  and another questionnaire was used to investigate the preferred motivational techniques by second intermediate EFL students. Results showed there was not a significant match between the motivational techniques preferred by second intermediate EFL students and what their teachers really practiced in the English classroom. Results also showed that the more teachers used those motivational techniques, the higher the level of their students’ achievement in English was. Therefore, the researcher recommended that more effort should be made to match students’ motivational techniques with those practiced by their teachers. It was also recommended that students’  perception  of motivation  techniques   should be measured ,  developed and implemented on an on-going basis or at the beginning  and end of the language course. Finally, the researcher hopes to turn the attention of the English teachers to the vital role they play inside the classroom.

Keywords: Keywords: Motivation, Motivation techniques, Preferred motivational techniques, Low-achieving language learners, High -achieving language learners, Degree of practice, Most preferred motivational techniques , Least preferred motivational techniques