Arab World English Journal
AWEJ Volume 2, number 2, April 2011                                                                                          pp.71- 90

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Investigating Students’ Main Learning Style Preferences

Sally Ali, PhD
Applied Linguistics Department
UAE University

The goal of this research study is to investigate students’ main learning style preferences and help them build on the learning styles and strategies that they presently use. After learning more about our students’ learning style references through various revised instruments, we may prefer to use this information to understand class dynamics, change our teaching or our students’ behavior, and divide our students into groups with similar or different learning styles to give them a chance to take risks. Here, we produced a new multidimensional learning style assessment instrument using a Multiple Choice Questionnaire (MCQ) {to see students’ main learning styles}, which as divided into five various categories like Analytical/ Global; Visual/ Auditory/ Tactile/ Kinesthetic/ Haptic; Field Independent/Field Dependent; Individual/Group; and Teacher/Student Self/Peer-Assessment. This research study used survey uestions as a means of data collection and students in various Secondary Schools in Al Ain and at the UAE University {UGRU (University General Requirements Unit) & Linguistics}were selected to participate in this study. Results showed that there were significant differences as well as similarities in learning style preferences when comparing the different groups which could have both curricular & instructional implications.

Key Words: Students, Learning Styles, Education Levels