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Title Author
team of this issue Written by Dr. Khairi
contents Written by Dr. Khairi
Introduction Written by Said Faiq
Arab Identity and Literature in Translation: The Politics of Selection and Representation Written by Rahma Al-Mahrooqi & Christopher Denman
Investigating Domestication and Foreignization Strategies in Translating Sinbad of the Arabian Nights Written by Safa Elnaili
Towards a Model for Analyzing and Assessing Translation of Qur’anic Idiomatic Phrasal Verbs Written by Ali Yunis Aldahesh
Expansion Strategy in the Translation of Iltifāt in Sūrat Al-Baqarah Written by Najat Ali Muhammed Ahmed Al-Badani, Norsimah Mat Awal, Intan Safinaz Zainudin & Ashinida Aladdin
The Metaphor of Time as Embodied in Al-ʿAşr Sura- a Comparative Study Written by As’ad J. Abu Libdeh
Translating ‘Invisible Meanings’:A Critique across Seventy Versions of the Qurān in English Written by Abdunasir Sideeg
The Translatability of Brand Names in Cosmetic Advertisements Written by Mahmood K. M. Eshreteh
Mediating Ideology in News Headlines: A Case Study of Post-Revolution Egypt Written by Hamza Ethelb
Legal Contract Translation Problems: Voices from Sudanese Translation Practitioners Written by Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali
Lexical Difficulties in Translating Contemporary Spiritual Texts Written by Hassan Shuqair Abdel Jawad & Hamdan Al-Hajri
A Survey of Readers’ Responses toward Mistakes in Chinese-English Tourism Translation and Its Implications Written by Wen Jun & Deng Chun
Towards a Comparative Study of Translations of Translations and Interpretations of Interpretations: Lost and Found in Translations and Interpretations Written by Husam Abuaisha
Translating Proper Nouns from Arabic into English: Barriers and Procedures Written by Bader S. Dweik & Sa'ida W. Al-Sayyed
An Explicitation ‘Syndrome’: A Corpus-based Investigation of Explicitating Shifts in the Translation of the Concessive Conjunction ‘Although/Though’ Written by Ashraf Abdel Fattah
The Hurdle of Translating Compounds and Iḍāfa: A Contrastive Analysis Written by Mohammad Bin Naser
Is Self-assessment a Credible Indicator of Translation Competence? Written by Falih S. M. Al-Emara
Addressing Certain Grey Areas in the Students' Translation Feedbacks Written by Gareebullah Hago Hamdoun Mudawi