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Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.5 May, 2016                                                                                                                                                                                                  






Article Titles & authors


Team of this issue




Said Faiq


Arab Identity and Literature in Translation: The Politics of Selection
 and Representation

Rahma Al-Mahrooqi  & Christopher Denman



Investigating Domestication and Foreignization Strategies in Translating Sinbad of the Arabian Nights

Safa Elnaili



Towards a Model for Analyzing and Assessing Translation of Qur’anic
Idiomatic Phrasal Verbs

Ali Yunis Aldahesh



Expansion Strategy in the Translation of Iltifāt in Sūrat Al-Baqarah

Najat Ali Muhammed Ahmed Al-Badani, Norsimah Mat Awal, Intan Safinaz Zainudin &Ashinida Aladdin



The Metaphor of Time as Embodied in Al-ʿAşr Sura- a Comparative Study

As’ad  J. Abu Libdeh

66  -76


Translating ‘Invisible Meanings’:A Critique across Seventy Versions of the Qurān in English

Abdunasir Sideeg

77- 99


The Translatability of Brand Names in Cosmetic Advertisements

Mahmood K. M. Eshreteh

100- 107


Mediating Ideology in News Headlines: A Case Study of Post-Revolution Egypt

Hamza Ethelb




Legal Contract Translation Problems: Voices from Sudanese Translation

Holi Ibrahim Holi Ali



Lexical Difficulties in Translating Contemporary Spiritual Texts
Hassan Shuqair Abdel Jawad & Hamdan Al-Hajri

144- 157


A Survey of Readers’ Responses toward Mistakes in Chinese-English Tourism Translation and Its Implications

Wen Jun & Deng Chun



Towards a Comparative Study of Translations of Translations and Interpretations of Interpretations: Lost and Found in Translations and Interpretations

Husam Abuaisha

170- 180


Translating Proper Nouns from Arabic into English: Barriers and Procedures

Bader S. Dweik & Sa'ida W. Al-Sayyed

181- 194


An Explicitation ‘Syndrome’: A Corpus-based Investigation of Explicitating Shifts in the Translation of the Concessive Conjunction ‘Although/Though’

Ashraf Abdel Fattah

195- 215


The Hurdle of Translating Compounds and Iḍāfa: A Contrastive Analysis

Mohammad Bin Naser



Is Self-assessment a Credible Indicator of Translation Competence?
Falih S. M. Al-Emara

232- 248


Addressing Certain Grey Areas in the Students' Translation Feedbacks

Gareebullah Hago Hamdoun Mudawi

249- 260


The Impact of a Suggested Practical Programme on Improving Arts

of English Seniors’ Translation Competences at the Islamic University of Gaza and their Attitudes towards Translation

Akram Habeeb, Mohammed El Haj Ahmed & Ms. Mona Abu el-Reesh

261- 280


Investigating Morpho-Syntactic Translation Errors Made by Yemeni EFL Students
Muayad Shamsan & Abdul-Majeed Attayib




The Acquisition of the English Relative Pronoun ‘Who” by EFL Arab Learners: a Translation Perspective

Mohammed Ali Mohsen & Mutahar Qassem

299- 316

Bilingual Lexicon Extraction from Arabic-English Parallel Corpora with a View to Machine Translation

Yasser Muhammad Naguib Sabtan

317- 336


Expressions of Interpersonal Relationships in translated Business Annual Reports (English-Arabic)

Khalfan Salim Al Obaidani

337- 357



Book Review:
Contextualizing Translation Theories: Aspects of Arabic-English Intercultural Communication
Authors: Mohammad Farghal and Ali Almanna

Reviewer: Maya El Hage

358 - 360


Book Review:
Translation as Transformation in Victorian Poetry

Author : Annmarie Drury

Reviewers: Wen Jun & Yu Yongqin