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 Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Special Issue on Translation No.5 May, 2016                                Pp. 261- 280


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The Impact of a Suggested Practical Programme on Improving Arts
of English Seniors’ Translation Competences at the Islamic University of Gaza and their Attitudes towards Translation


 Akram Habeeb
Department of English, Faculty of Arts, 
The Islamic University of Gaza , Palestine 

Mohammed El Haj Ahmed
Department of English, Faculty of Arts,
The Islamic University of Gaza , Palestine


Ms. Mona Abu el-Reesh
Department of English, Faculty of Arts,
The Islamic University of Gaza , Palestine



The main research objective of this study is to examine the impact of a suggested practical programme on improving ‘Arts of English’ seniors’ translation competences at the Islamic University of Gaza (IUG) and explore their attitudes towards translation. Researchers referred to previous studies, theoretical framework and some models for classifying translation competences and subsequently developed a modified and refereed model. The results showed that ‘Arts of English’ seniors are required to have three main competences: knowledge, skills and attitudes. The researchers also prepared a programme including a handout for students, job experience, training methods and learning styles and evaluation tools. Additionally, data were collected using an assessment card with a supportive tool; self-assessment reports, and after the researchers ensured the validity and reliability of the tools the constructed programme was applied on 15 students selected randomly from the sample of the study, including 30 female students. Data collected were statistically analyzed, and the t-test independent sample and Eta square were used to measure the effect size after conducting the test of normality. After completing the programme the post assessment card results were compared with those of the pre-assessment card and there was a statistically significant improvement in the students’ performance as observed in the post assessment card. The researchers also constructed an attitude scale, and results showed that the programme had a significant impact on improving students' attitudes towards translation.
Key words: English seniors, practical programme, students’ performance, translation attitudes,