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Book Review Submission

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) welcomes book reviews dealing with English language teaching and learning, linguistics, translation, applied linguistics, second language acquisition, language assessment, socio- and psycholinguistics or other textbooks within the scope of AWEJ.
The book review should be an engaging, informative, and critical discussion of approximately 800-1500-words and should provide description and substantive evaluation.
The header of the review should include:
· Author(s) or editor(s) first and last name(s)
· Title of book
· Year of publication
· Place of publication
· Publisher
· Number of pages
The review should consider the following:

  • The key themes and major objectives of the book.
  • The soundness of methods and information sources used.
  • Informing the reader about what is happening in the topic area the book addresses; what the state of knowledge is in the subject; and how this new book adds, changes, or breaks new ground in our knowledge of this subject.
  • Constructive comments about the strength and weaknesses of the book and.
    A comparison with other works on this subject.
  • It is understood that review manuscripts submitted to AWEJ have not been previously published and are not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

At the end of your review, please include:

  • Your first and last name.
  • Your Institution affiliation.