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Volume 9 - 2018

Arab World English Journal (AWEJ) Volume 9.Number1.  March 2018   Pp.1-2 

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When Arabic speakers read English words
Martin J. Endley

 3- 22

 The Impact of WhatsApp on EFL students' Vocabulary Learning
Elias Bensalem

23- 38    

 Scholastic Achievement and Computer Attitudes among Moroccan University Students
Azize El Ghouati,& Bani Koumachi

 39- 55

Correlation between Self-Efficacy Perception and Teaching Performance: The Case of Mexican Preschool and Primary School Teachers
Michaela Cocca , Armando Cocca , Elizabeth Alvarado Martínez & María Guadalupe Rodríguez Bulnes

 56 -70

 Theory of Mind and Linguistic Acquisition
Ronnie Goodwin

 71- 87

 Historical and Social Background of English Name Giving Process
Natalya N.Zerkina,Olesya V. Kisel ,Vladimir V. Mikhailov & Oksana A. Lukin



 English Language and the Changing Linguistic Landscape: New Trends in ELT Classrooms
Abdelrahman Abdalla Salih & Holi Ibrahim Holi


97- 107

Exploring Teachers’ Identity: Reflections and Implications


 CLIL: Content based Instructional Approach to Second Language Pedagogy
Muhammad Afzal Awan & Muhammad Aslam Sipra


Writing for Comprehension in Prose Fiction Analysis: The Students’ Voices
Lestari Setyowati & Sony Sukmawan

 134- 145

Challenges in Practicum: Views and Perceptions of EFL Pre-service Teachers towards Field Experience Skills in Real Classrooms
Hayat Rasheed H. Alamri

 146 -162

 Identifying Training Needs of In-Service EFL Teachers in Inclusive Schools in Egypt
Amira Desouky Ali


 How learners of English learn best in a foreign language context? A glimpse of the debate over the written versus the spoken form
Fatimah Almutrafi

 184- 190

Reflective Professional Development Journals for Constructivist Evaluation of
Teacher Learning and Reactions

Youcef BENAMOR &  Noureddine GUERROUDJ


 Effects of Extensive Reading on Thai Tertiary Students’ Reading Attitudes
Ketvalee Porkaew & Ariyadhorn Fongpaiboon


 The Effect of the Use of Technology on the nature of Teacher’s Profession
 Sally Kondos


 A Feature-Based Analysis of the Derivation of Word Order and Subject-Verb Agreement in Arabic Varieties
Kamel Jouini

233 -255  

Pedagogical Stylistics as a Tool in the Classroom: An Investigation of EFL Undergraduate Students' Ability in Analyzing Poetic Language
Eman Adil Jaafar & Fatimah Khudair Hassoon


 Enhancing Academic Writing Skills through “Reading to Learn” Strategy


 A Perceptive Determination of Self-Perceived Listening Comprehension Strategies Employed by Saudi English-major University Undergraduates
Eidah Abdullah Al-Malki


 Types of Inferences in Discourse
Elena V. Suvorova & Liliya S. Polyakova


Exploring the Role of Teacher Talk in Saudi EFL Classroom: Importance of F-Move in developing Students’ Spoken Skill
Mohammed Judaya M Alanazi & Jacquie Widin


 Verbal and Non-verbal Refusal Strategies in English: Refusing Promotions
Nour Al Okla



 A study of Apology Strategies in English: A case study on Jordanian and Asian Undergraduate Students at Zarqa University 
Ibrahim Fathi Huwari


 The Effectiveness of STOP and DARE in Planning and Drafting Argumentative Writing: A case of Saudi College Level Students
Sahal R. Al Shammari

 350-  364

 Text Structure and Its Teaching Implications: An Analytical Study
Ala’a Mohammad Abu Hamameh , Dina Al-Jamal & Abdallah niabdelrahman


An Evaluatıon of “Sunrıse 9’’ from EFL Teachers’ and Students’ Perspectıves in Northern Region of Iraq                                                                              

Burhan Omar Mahmud                                                                                          


The Role of Vocabulary Knowledge in Speaking Development of Saudi EFL Learners
Raja Muhammad Ishtiaq Khan , Noor Raha Mohd Radzuan , Muhammad Shahbaz , Ainol Haryati Ibrahim & Ghulam Mustafa


 A Study on the Relationship between English Language Proficiency and Intercultural Communication Competence among Arab Students in Malaysia
Abdul Qahar Sarwari & Mohammad Nubli Abdul Wahad



 Technology-Supported Online Writing: An Overview of Six Major Web 2.0 Tools for
Collaborative-Online Writing

Eid Hamoudeh Ahmed Alkhataba, Samsiah Abdul-Hamid & brahim Bashir


Social Constructivism-Based Reading Comprehension Teaching Design at Politeknik Negeri Sriwijaya
Welly Ardiansyah & Murwani Ujihanti