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Arab World English Journal
Volume 2, Number 1, 2011                                                                                                           pp.186-213

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The Common European Framework of Reference for Language; learning, teaching, assessment.

Neil McBeath
The Language Centre
Sultan Qaboos University

This paper outlines the theory underpinning the Common European Framework of Reference for Language, but points out that the CEFR is principally designed as an instrument for ensuring equivalence of qualifications in the teaching of modern European languages. The CEFR is not designed as a bench-mark for English Language Teaching, but publishers and ELT institutes have been quick to make use of it as a marketing tool.The paper examines the literature that supports the CEFR, but notices that little has appeared since 2005. It questions whether this is a significant development, and also questions the validity of the CEFR outside Europe.

Keywords: communicative; competencies; discrimination; heritage; sub-skills.